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Updated November 22, 2018

There is plenty to experience in Torrevieja – or you can just relax on the beach. You can visit the salt lakes to see flamingos and other bird life. Or have an adventure at Aquopolis with water slides and pools. Take a boat tour to the island of Tabarca. If you are into golfing there are several courses around Torrevieja. For shopping you can explore the Habaneras Shopping Centre. Or maybe you will enjoy the Friday Market or the Craft Market?

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  • Tip
    • For tapas, coffee etc – even up to the nearest euro or other appropriate amount, leave the smallest coins.
    • Lunch or simpler dinner, up to even numbers (a few euros or cents).
    • Nice restaurant in the evening 5-10%, up to even numbers.
    • Taxi – level up, but also okay to leave no tip.
  • Card payment
    • ALWAYS choose to pay in Euro (very often you have to choose)!
    • Choosing other currency will give an extremely bad exchange rate.
  • ATM
    • Always select to withdraw in Euro, carefully check what is suggested.
    • Choosing other currency will give an extremely bad exchange rate.
    • Almost all banks have extra fees when you use their ATMs, but not Deutsche bank.

Tourist information

A video about Torrevieja in Spanish, to get you in the right mood 🙂

Here is a film by Alegria International Real Estate from Playa del Cura, the beach located 50 m from the apartment. It gives a good picture of how the beach looks at high season in July and August. The beach has public restrooms, also for disabled people. The beach is shallow so it is safe to swim even far out. There are also life guards, should something go wrong.

This one shows things to see and do around Torrevieja.

For even more videos, click here: